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  • Field Day 2016

    On April 29, 2016, Manual Academy’s JROTC cadets hosted a school wide field day. Over 180 students met the PBIS requirements of attendance, behavior, and course passage. They each received a ticket that allowed them to be excused from classes for part of the day and participate in the field day activities. The event took place outside and was planned by the JROTC cadets, with contribution from several branches of the military. Different games and activities were available, including a dunk tank, obstacle course, and military vehicles. Almost every activity was occupied consistently and students and staff had a wonderful day outside.

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  • Peoria Reads Winner

    Congratulations to Rebecca Benedict, one of the winners of the Peoria Reads essay contest with the theme, "What I Would Carry." Peoria Reads is an annual “one city, one book” project to encourage Peorians to read and discuss a significant book. The featured 2016 book was The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, an award-winning fictional memoir of the author’s time served in Vietnam, which Rebecca read and analyzed in her AP English Literature class. Rebecca received special recognition at a Peoria Reads event on April 21st at the Lincoln Branch Library where she received a signed copy of the book by author Tim O'Brien and a Barnes and Noble gift card. Congratulations Rebecca!

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  • Manual Students Participate in West Peoria Government Day

    On April 15th, Ashley Owen, Ciana Hudson, Patty Vasquez, and Skyler Bailey attended West Peoria Government Day. The students began their day at city hall. They listened to presentations from the mayor of West Peoria, the city clerk, and 2 of the alderman representing the city. The students then held a mock city council meeting and discussed a real-life issue that is currently being discussed by the city leaders of West Peoria. The students held discussion on the matter, received input from residents, and passed a resolution to act on the issue. Following lunch, we moved to the West Peoria Township building. Here, the students were exposed to the workings of township government. They listened to presentations from the township supervisor and several trustees before they then participated in a township caucus meeting where members were nominated to serve the township in various capacities.

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  • Wheelchair basketball, Easter Seal donations highlight Disability Awareness Week

    Manual Academy staff and students took a close look at the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities. Each day during advisory, teachers and students explored online resources to learn about various learning disabilities. On Tuesday, students wore blue for Autism Awareness Month. Advisory classes collected donations for Easter Seals during the week, bringing in total contributions of $602.00 in just four days. Top fund-raising honors, Ms. Mary Newman-Evans’ advisory class, won lunch from The Olive Garden, donating $6.82 per student. Ms. Gloria Meachem’s advisory class was a close second, donating $6.69 per student. Katie Van Cleve of the Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association (HIRSA) gave students in PE classes a chance to try their skills at basketball wheelchair. HISRA sponsors the only wheelchair basketball team between Chicago and St. Louis. The team of high school and middle school students travels throughout the country to compete. Thanks to teachers Ms. Brown, Mrs. Daly, Ms. Olson and Ms. Pell for organizing a great learning experience!

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  • First FTC Robotics State Finals

    On Saturday, February 27, the Manual Academy robotics teams had the privilege of competing in the FIRST FTC robotics Illinois State Finals competition. Manual hosts two teams (FTC team #9788 and #8648). Both teams performed well enough in the regular season to move on to the state finals. The finals consisted of the top 36 of 164 active teams in Illinois. Since August, the teams have been designing, building, troubleshooting and driving robots to compete in this year's FTC challenge which involved collecting debris from a playfield, and climbing mountains. After playing 5 preliminary matches with randomized opponents, both Manual Academy teams performed well, placing 7th and 9th overall. This puts both teams in the top 5% of team rankings in the state.

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  • TAM Poem Area and Perimeter Project

    In order to further their understanding of area and perimeter, Mrs. Johnson transition algebra class, at Manual Academy, combined their literary, mathematical and creativity skills. In honor of National Read Across America Day, students in all four classes worked with partners on a given word taken from Shel Silverstein’s “Listen To the MUSTN’T, Child”. They had to create the word using centimeter gird paper, trace the word onto plain paper, and then find the area and perimeter of each letter. Students were then given the chance to color their word to make it stand out in the poem. When completed the words were put in order in the hallway, giving the entire school a chance to view the creativity of the TAM class. Student enjoyed the hands on approach to learning and the opportunity to see their part in the big picture of the project.

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  • Three Weird Sisters

    On Friday, February 12, Mrs. Clore’s and Ms. Tripod’s English II classes were visited by the “Three Weird Sisters” from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Mrs. Clore, Ms. Tripod, and Novice teacher Megan Fasig first caught students’ attention by being dressed alike, in all black. As class progresses the 3 set a table with a black cauldron, and donned witches hats to read Act I, scene i, for each of their classes. The scene was set through an audio/visual track of a thunderstorm played on the smart board. What a fun way to start a difficult read.

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  • Students meet Young Adult Author, Sharon Flake

    Sharon Flake, winner of 3 Coretta Scott King Honor Awards, presented at Bradley University on February 17th, 2016. In Dr. McBee Orzulak's introduction of Sharon Flake that evening, she gave a shout out to our Manual students and thanked them for participating in the cooperative book chat with her students. She also made mention that after the first book chat, all of Sharon Flake's books had been checked out of Manual's library. So, they took up a collection, and someone else matched it. They will be giving Manual the money, so they can purchase more of Flake's books for their library. Flake has also turned her book into a screenplay, and Tyrese Johnson participated in that evening's performance. The students really enjoyed meeting her and having their books signed. It was a great night!

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  • "My Bloody Valentine" Science Lab

    Students in Mrs. Daly's Anatomy and Physiology class celebrated Valentine's day today with a "My Bloody Valentine" lab. Students started their Cardiovascular System Unit. At the beginning of each unit students learn about the anatomy of the system they are studying, before learning about the physiology and the complications from disease. This system involved the heart and the students were able to dissect pig hearts, deer hearts, and sheep hearts; mammal hearts. Today students performed an external examination of the heart to identify key structure and then were able to dissect the heart to identify the atria and ventricles. Many students found clots in the hearts and were then able to extrapolate disease processes from there. Students learned much more through hands-on activities and were excited and immersed in the learning proces

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  • Robo-Rams competed in a regional FIRST Tech Challenge tournament

    On Saturday, February 6 the varsity and rookie teams from the Manual Academy Robo-Rams competed in a regional FIRST Tech Challenge tournament at Hope Academy in Decatur. The both Robo-Rams teams performed well in a competition against 26 other teams who each built a robot to perform in a challenge. Both teams scored well enough to be drafted into the alliance that would go on to win the regional tournament. This victory ensures that both the varsity and rookie teams will go on to compete in the State Finals Tournament held in Elgin on February 26th and 27th. In the picture, the two Robo-Rams teams share the stage with their alliance partner who helped them earn victory at the qualifying tournament

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  • Student made Adirondack chairs for sale
    The Manual Industrial Technology Department is selling Adirondack style chairs that have been constructed by students. They are $75 each. A two seat version is  being sold for $125. All proceeds go to materials for future projects. These are perfect for the porch or patio! Please contact teacher Andrew Rice with any questions or ordering information at
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